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it’s a roll that you eat every year with specific direction on 3rd Feb. This year was west-southwest.
self portrait.

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  1. Posted on 2015年3月31日 by Ysnanum

    Hey there brotherannie,My name is Firdhaus, 25 years old, from Singapore.Firstly, I would like to say tnakhs for having such an interesting youtube channel where I can learn more about Japan. I am currently reaching the point where I am financially able to move to Japan to live and work there as an English Teacher.There is this 4-week course in Tokyo that I can take up and at the end of it, I would be certified with a recognised TEFL Certificate which I can use to teach English there.Just a couple of questions. Is it necessary to have a degree to work in Japan? My highest qualification is a Diploma.Is it necessary to have graphic design skills to secure a job there?Thanks brotherannie.I look forward to your reply.Firdhaus

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